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Weight Management

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We offer EAR STAPLES! The most trendy and quick way to lose weight! Typically clients will lose 6-20 Lbs. in a couple of weeks. Some have reported losing up to 100 Lbs. Ear Staples are also excellent for those trying to stop smoking!

Step1: We insert the ear staples which will stop cravings of sweets or junk food. Especially night cravings (most people see results in two weeks)

Step2: Have regular acupuncture and acupressure treatments to address hormone imbalances, stress, poor sleep, cellulite, and fatigue.

Step3: Use our Seaweed Weight loss Soap to absorb fat and Hawthorn tea to remove gas and bloating

Step4: Follow our personalized nutritional program specially designed for ONLY YOU!

Dr. Liu’s Expert Advice:

1. Recent research indicates eating pine nuts can help reduce appetite. Poor sleep can increase appetite by altering hormone change.

2. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to send a signal to your stomach that “you are full.” Research shows that it takes an average 15 minutes for most women to finish a meal, so when you feel full after eating, you already ate more than you should. Eat slowly and each meal is better. Do not eat longer than 20 minutes to avoid overeating.

3. Breakfast – eat like a King; Lunch – eat like a Princess; Dinner – eat like a Beggar. Eat your biggest meal between 7-9a.m. This will help boost the metabolism the most. Make sure you have some carbohydrates and protein for breakfast. It is important for you to eat regularly to avoid fat storage. If you don’t provide your body with fuel, after four hours your body will think it is starving and will slow down your metabolism. When you finally do eat, your body will hang on to the food preparing for another starvation period.

4. Caffeine and sweets are a dieter’s enemy! Sweets will stimulate the release of insulin which also encourages the storage of fats.

5. Not all fats are bad. Nuts and unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial to your nutrition. (olive oil, flax oil, pine nuts, cashew, etc)

6. Don’t exercise if you are tired. Sleep or take a nap instead. The better you relax, the easier the weight will fall off. Strange, isn’t it? Sometimes no effort is the best effort in weight loss

7. Don’t drink too much water or tea, especially if you experience water retention or edema. This will burden your system instead.

8. Eat Cucumber or Eggplant as often as possible and stay away from potatoes.

9. Avoid sitting in a car or couch after each meal. It is better to take a slow walk. Avoid taking a shower or bath right before or after a meal as well.

Weight Management

Enjoy more energy and stamina.
Feel healthy and Look great.


Breakfast eat like a King;
Lunch eat like a Princess;
Dinner eats like a Beggar.
Eat your biggest meal between 7-9a.m.
This will help boost your metabolism the most.

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