Varicose Vein Non Invasive Treatments

Our non invasive varicose vein treatments has a unique approach to put the Chinese medicine meridian theory, thousands of years of folk remedy, dynamic understanding of our body’s energy flow, and specific targeted points for fast relief with pressure, swollenness, pain caused by varicose veins and spider veins, plus, light therapy to increase the circulation and oxygen flow into the non functional vein area, in many cases, smaller spider veins can disappear after certain amount of sessions, and the best benefit is that it triggers a series release of the toxins, pressure and inflammation under the varicose vein, so it will lead to more long term solution and overall wellbeing by improving our heart, circulation and less resistance in the area, and create a smooth and healthy look on the skin. Multiple sessions highly recommended for best results, it is not a quick fix, but long term lasting resulting is more we want to achieve.

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