Energy Patches Treatment

How do we use Energy Patches?

Bio Energy Patches are for stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Totally natural, safe, with no chemicals, the Bio-Energy Patch is made of special materials that emit a specific combination of vibrational frequencies to communicate and enhance your body’s natural systems. Bio Energy patches are compliant with all natural homeopathic remedies.

What conditions can Energy Patches treat?

We have patches that address more than 64 health conditions!

* Acne
* Adult Mental Focus
* Alkalize
* Allergies
* Appetite Suppressant
* Bacteria
* Bio Defense
* Biofilm Bacteria
* Blood Sugar
* Candida
* Children/Focus
* Circulation/Hypertension
* Cleanse
* D-Tox
* Digest
* Emotional Rescue
* Energy Balance
* E-Viral Guard
* Female Hormones
* Fibromyalgia
* GSH Glutathione
* Hashimoto’s Disease
* Healing XL

* Heavy Metal
* Joint Support
* KTAB (Kidney, Thyroid, Adrenal,
* Liver-Gallbladder
* Lyme
* Male Testosterone
* Migraine
* Memory
* Motion Sickness
* Mycoplasma
* NU Hair/Skin
* Pain & Inflammation
* Parasites
* Relax
* Sinus
* Sleep
* Stop Crave
* Stress/Anxiety
* Vision
* Weight Loss
* Well Being

What should I expect when using Energy Patches?

For most problems apply the Bio Energy patch on the upper left side of your body for best results. Energy travels better through the left side of your body. For pain and inflammation problems, place the Bio Energy patch on the source of the pain. You can attach as many as 4 different patches to your body at one time. You will wear the patch(s) for 3 days, then discard and repeat this procedure for a minimum of 30 days to assist in restoring balance to the body. There is no pain involved, as it feels similar to wearing a band-aid.

Who will benefit the most?

Anyone suffering from the above conditions can experience relief from using the energy patches. They are easy and safe approach to use for all health related issues. They are great for pets and children too.

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